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    Training with HitTrax

    Tuesday, May 30, 2017

    Extra Innings Elkridge features one of the most advanced training tools available for baseball and softball, HitTrax. Used by professionals, and elite athletes all over the country, HitTrax offers players of all ages a way to elevate their swing. 

    If you haven't seen it in action, HitTrax has the ability to show you in a real stadium the path of the ball you just hit. It provides key metrics like Launch Angle, Exit Velocity, and Distance (All three stats are provided by StatCast during MLB broadcasts). HitTrax will even go as far as to project the ball as a Hit or Out against a defense appropriate for the age of any player. 

    While HitTrax is incredibly fun to watch and use, it also provides extremely important data that can make a big difference in your player's development. By creating a profile with HitTrax when you rent it, each session will be stored and can be used as a reference. You can use that information to track your progress. You'll be able to see if that change in your swing is really making a difference, and discover tendencies you didn't even know were there. 

    By taking advantage of Hittrax's full set of features players will better understand their own swing, as well as have a clear picture of where they are and need to go. To help players understand this data best, our instructors can work one on one in a private lesson and guide your player through this information. Private lessons with HitTrax are $49 for a half hour, and $249 for 6 half-hour sessions. You register online HERE.

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    Where the Game Never Ends

    Extra Innings Elkridge is the premier indoor baseball and softball training facility in the Howard County area - dedicated to fulfilling the needs of players of all ages and abilities. Our state of the art, year round, indoor facility has over 23,000 square feet of training area, 7 multi-use indoor batting and pitching tunnels, 3 coin-operated batting cages, a fully stocked Pro Shop, member’s training area, and private birthday area.

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